Matte White


Ideal for modern and sleek spaces.

This is an ultra modern, wall-mounted toilet that will save you space!

Quality - price

The quality-price of KOLLEZI toilets are incomparable. You will find what you are looking for and more.

Easy maintenance

These one-piece toilets with integrated tank and bowl are easy to clean and require fewer cleaning products

water consumption

They are "Water Sens" certified and guarantee low water consumption.

Product details

An innovative technology that allows an incomparable efficiency. The O VOG is a suspended tank with an extended seat and a double flush system.

Water consumption

For consumers looking for a product that is both efficient and stylish. Kollezi's O VOG toilet uses only 3 or 6 liters of water per flush, with its WaterSense and CUPC certifications will also allow you to save up to 40% of water per year. A flangeless toilet bowl finish and extended seat advantage for maximum comfort and performance. With an average use of only 4 litres per flush, KOLLEZI toilets consume 40% less water than traditional toilets, for identical flushing performance.

Product finish

The KOLLEZI toilet finish keeps the porcelain cleaner and more hygienic, and it can be cleaned more quickly, using less water and cleaning products. Dirt and lime scale do not adhere to its surface: they slide off and are carried away by the fluids.

Our direct flush system also allows for particularly fast and thorough cleaning. In addition, the entire bowl is clean and rinsed without splashing, always with minimal water consumption.

Size & weight

Metric: 21″ x 14-⅜" x 12″
Imperial: 535 x 365 x 305
Weight: 36 KG