KOLLEZI exercises its expertise on a daily basis in the field of plumbing.

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KOLLEZI relies on its power of innovation to allow you to benefit from the best solutions for the design and embellishment of the bathroom of your house or your home.

KOLLEZI makes your bathroom more beautiful

With a know-how acquired for many years, the KOLLEZI brand offers to their customers products to be installed in the bathrooms in order to proceed to the arrangement of the latter. You will find at KOLLEZI many products that will fit your interior whatever the style you have decided to give it. From the toilet to the sinks, vanities, shower heads, everything you need for your bathroom is at KOLLEZI.

The bathroom is an important room in a house where everyone likes to spend time. It is therefore necessary to adopt the best for this space. That's why KOLLEZI wants to offer you these products as :




Shower heads

KOLLEZI, a Canadian company

Founded in 2015, KOLLEZI is a symbol of innovation. This company with an Italian and German sounding name is actually located in the city of Montreal. KOLLEZI is therefore the research of two of the countries in the world that best master the materials used in bathrooms: Italy and Germany. This search for quality in materials is also one of the other hallmarks of this brand. Innovation is at the heart of the company's strategy in order to offer customers ever more beautiful, solid and efficient products.