A smart seat for technology and luxury lovers.

The ultimate in intelligent seating technology for consumers seeking the ultimate in comfort.

Quality - price

The quality-price of KOLLEZI toilets are incomparable. You will find what you are looking for and more.

Easy maintenance

These one-piece toilets with integrated tank and bowl are easy to clean and require fewer cleaning products

water consumption

They are "Water Sens" certified and guarantee low water consumption.

Product details

The Bidet Toilet Seat is a luxury electronic seat that cleans you with hot water, providing an exceptional feeling of cleanliness. Instead of the traditional toilet paper that can sometimes be rough and often ineffective, cleans quickly and comfortably with the push of a button.

Water consumption

Light consumption, just enough for effective cleaning.

Product finish

Backwash, feminine wash, pull-up wash, adjustable water pressure, hygienic filtered water. Safety on/off sensor, self-cleaning stainless steel nozzles. Quick release seat for easy cleaning. Energy saving mode reduces the need for toilet paper, saving water and trees used to make each roll.

Size & weight

Metric: 20-⅜" x 15-⅞ x 3-⅜"
Imperial: 517 x 403 x 112
Weight: 6.5